Half-Helical - Amortizor vibratii

  • Compact metal multidirectional modular wire rope isolators
  • Combined shock and vibration isolation from 5 Hz upwards
  • Interface: two fixture points to equipment and foundation
  • Exceptional reliability and lifetime 
  • Temperature range: -180°C to +300°C
  • Static loading per isolator: 0.22 lbf to 4.4 kipf
  • Damping ratio: 15-25% (viscous equivalent)




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              Half-Helix HH8 Half-Helix HH16
Half-Helix HH9     Half-Helix HH17
Half-Helix HH10 Half-Helix HH18
Half-Helix HH11 Half-Helix HH19
Half-Helix HH13 Half-Helix HH20
Half-Helix HH14 Half-Helix HH21
Half-Helix HH15 Half-Helix ZH