Helical - Amortizor vibratii

  • All metal multidirectional vibration/shock isolators
  • Combined shock and vibration isolation from 5 Hz upwards
  • Interface: two or four fixture points to equipment and foundation
  • Exceptional reliability and lifetime
  • Temperature range: -180°C to +300°C
  • Static loading per isolator: 0.22 lbf to 11 kipf
  • Damping ratio: 15-25% (viscous equivalent)


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              Helix C2H Helix CB1270
Helix CH3     Helix CB1280
Helix C4H Helix CB1290
Helix C5H Helix CB1300
Helix C6H Helix CB1380
Helix C1260 Helix CB1390
Helix CB1270 Helix CB1400
Helix CB1280 Helix CB1500