Cilindru pneumatic de forta DESTACO

  • DESTACO’s WK and K Series pneumatic power cylinder is designed with an ISO fit and can provide over 60kN of rod force in a simple double acting pneumatics-only package.
  • Operation is based on the wedge lever principle.
  • These double acting cylinders feature two steps of stroke: the forward stroke to move a certain distance and the power stroke with an amplified force on a short (6-7mm) distance.
  • The rod force in the range of the forward stroke is that of a traditional pneumatic cylinder; the rod force in the range of the power stroke features a mechanical advantage of up to 10:1.
  • The pneumatic power cylinder is ideally suited as the power source for tools and devices for the following applications - clamping, punching, stamping, notching, coining, riveting, pressing, and clinching.
  • Markets: Automotive, Industrial
  • Applications: Stamping