Electric Pivot Unit Serie 98W


Rotate. Pivot. Position.
The DESTACO Electric Pivot Unit 98W Series provides constant torque, multiple positions and programmable stop positions in a compact design.

♦ One size replaces four sizes of pneumatic pivot units. Interchangeable with  common  pneumatic pivot
   units with 125, 160, and 200 mm cylinder
♦ Compatible with multiple motors
♦ Ariable pivot angle over 360°
♦ Multiple pivot-angle positions, easily adjustable
♦ Variabl e arm position
♦ Versatile saddle mounting positions
♦ Reduced weight compared to a pneumatic unit resulting in Energy savings
♦ Two operating modes: Programmed setting and continuous operation
♦ Fully adjustable - Programmable adjustment of pivot angle/positioning
♦ Constant torque independent of opening angle
♦ Early cycle release possible - with Controlled acceleration and deceleration and Self-locking