MIKI PULLEY - Cleme fixare

Keyless shaft-hub locking devices are not new technology, but Miki Pulley has developed and enhanced the Posi-Lock design and method of manufacture to deliver a superior locking device at low cost. 
To install, simply slide the Posi-Lock over the shaft, and slip the sprocket or pulley onto the Posi-Lock body.  When the screws are tightened, two opposing wedge structures are compressed into each other, creating a slight interference fit.  Using a shaft locking device in lieu of a keyway has many benefits, including: less machine time, easy install and disassembly, even radial surface pressure, and higher torque value.
Posi-Lock devices are available in stainless steel and electroless nickel finish.


Common applications include:

♦ Machine tools ♦ Printing machines
♦ Pumps ♦ Palletizing robots     
♦ Molding machines  


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