Role transportoare cu motor PowerMoller24

The brushless 24V DC motor, life lubricated planetary gears and bearings are integrated inside the roller tube.
A circuit board drives the motor offering different control options (see “circuit board” section).
Suitable for a host of environments: industrial, humid, dusty, wet, oily and clean rooms (IP54, IP55 and IP65) 
Continuous or intermittent duty cycles (1800 start-stop/hour)
Viteze posibile: de la 4 m/min la  65 m/min
Portanta rola: 10 to 1000 kg
♦   Diametre rola disponibile:  32 mm, 50 mm and 65 mm


                                       Controller integrat                                           Controller exterior                                        Controller extern si frana  mecanica

♦   Speed variation: see “circuit board” section
♦  Available with dynamic break and mechanical brake
♦  The idle rollers can be driven by the motorized roller using slave bands, chains or sprockets.
♦  The motorized roller shafts are locked in the frame using special brackets (see “accessories” section)