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Sursa Model BE

BE Models  - For ordinary control
These are basic models of power supplies for controlling electromagnetic clutches and brakes with rated voltage of 24 V DC. The 24 V DC required to operate electromagnetic clutches and brakes can be obtained simply by connecting/inputting either 100 V AC or 200 V AC specifications.Since they output full-wave rectified 24 V DC isolated and stepped down by a transformer, the power supply is sturdy, safe, and highly reliable. The construction is very simple, unitizing a transformer and rectifier in a compact form factor, and maintenance is easy.

Input voltage    AC 100 V ,AC 200 V
Output voltage   DC 24 V, DC 21.5 V
Operating temperature    -10℃ to 50℃
Nu se pot găsi produse care să coincidă cu selecția.