Arc cu gaz cu cursa dubla

Modul de functionare arc cu gaz cu cursa dubla

HAHN double-stroke gas springs have been developed to meet customer-specific requirements when solutions are needed for heavy hatches with a large opening angle.
The challenge here is to produce a low start force and a high end force.
The double-stroke gas spring consists of two differently filled pressure tubes, which means that they can cover two different force ranges.
Moving the piston rod in creates a jumping progression that can be adapted very well to the force requirement of the hatch.
We as manufacturer of the HAHN double-stroke gas springs, can precisely calculate the force ranges, tune them to each other exactly and thus adapt them to the type of movement requirement.


HAHN Gasfedern developed special double-stroke springs for heavy fl aps with a large opening angle, which are characterised by a low starting and a high ultimate force.
These springs have two pressure cylinders that can be fi lled differently and thus are able to cover two force ranges.
The compression of the piston rod generates a bent characteristic curve, which can be better adjusted to the force progression of the flap.
Double-stroke springs are specially designed for the application you require.
The force ranges are exactly attuned to each other and adapted to the required kinematics.