Vacuum Lifting Cylinders

Vacuum lifting cylinders
can be connected to a vacuum generator (ejector or vacuum pump).
With a 3 way value mounted close to the lift cylinder, the vacuum is turned on.
The piston of the lifting cylinder immediately extends to the suction lip of the vacuum cup which seals onto the work piece to the be lifted and abruptly moves back to the starting position.
The work piece is held until the vacuum is interrupted by the valve. Thereafter the work piece falls down.


Areas of application for the vacuum lifting cylinder
   • Stacking and unstacking of a wide variety of flat work piece (e.g. cardboard, veneer,  wood, glass and metal plates)
   •  Separation of paper sheets and plastic films
    • For the removal of parts from injection moulding tools
    •  Best suited for use in the printing, packaging and CD/DVD industries


Advantages in the application
   •  The entire sequence of movements is controlled by turning the vacuum on and off.
    •  No additional valves or cylinders are required.
   •  Short cycle times, therefore no additional lifting cylinders are required.

   •  High cycle time with no suction for porous parts.
   • Compensate for height differences on work pieces