Echipament dozare Hot Melt

  • UES Hotmelt Systems offers the perfect system for all your application needs:
  • perfectMelt systems for all piston pump applications, available in tank sizes from 4 to 30 kg.
    Up to 8 hoses and application guns can be connected to our perfectMelt series.
  • PluraMelt system is the ideal unit for gear pump applications which require tank sizes from 12 to 25 kg
    and for which it is sufficient to dispense with only one pump.
  • MaxMelt system is the ideal system for all gear pump applications with higher glue consumption. It is available in tank
    sizes from 25 to 100 kg and with 1 or 2 gear pumps.
  • PressMelt system has been especially developed in order to process PUR adhesives, table-top devices for 2 kg
  • All UES Hotmelt Systems can be freely configured in accordance with your wishes and requirements.
  • UES also offer complete compatibility with the devices from Nordson®, Robatech® as well as other manufacturers.